Individual care for dogs and cats

Dogs playing in yard

Off-lead playtime for my guests in the large play area.

Relaxed cat

Cats get lots of personal attention to keep them happy..

Dogs playing in yard

Plenty time to make new friends.


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Boarding at Tinto Kennels

At Tinto Kennels, the number of places is limited to ensure that every animal has personal care. Unlike larger kennels, where the animal’s routines must fit in with staff working hours, here my working day is arranged around the animals’ routines.

This means that dogs get out early in the morning and last thing at night, in addition to their daily walks and playtimes. Thus, they never have to soil the area near their beds or use concrete surfaces (I think this would be very stressful for a house-trained dog).

Most of the dogs who come here are regular visitors, and I get to know them well. Dogs who enjoy socialising with other dogs can do so, under my supervision, in the large play area, while dogs who don’t get on well with other dogs can play with me.


In addition to the boarding kennels there is a small cattery with six cat spaces. The cats have spacious accommodation indoors so they have peace and quiet away from the comings and goings of the dogs.

Unlike dogs, cats can't be cheered up with a walk. The only way to help a cat relax is to sit down and develop a relationship with it. That’s why I only have six places for cats. There’s no time for more!


Please remember to bring your record of vaccination every time you bring in your pet. I cannot accept dogs or cats without proof that their vaccinations are fully up to date. Dogs, in addition to an annual DHLP booster, should be vaccinated against kennel cough.

Feeding and medication

I stock a variety of premium pet foods, to provide a menu to suit each pet. Special dietary needs and medication can be catered for without a problem.


All the kennels are individually heated to suit each dog - a Chihuahua needs a different kennel temperature from a Newfoundland.

Cats have special beds with heaters built into the base. My own tribe of rescued cats have thoroughly tested this system and given it the thumbs-up! All heating costs are included in the price.