Individual care for dogs and cats

Dogs playing in yard

Off-lead playtime for my guests in the large play area.

Relaxed cat

Cats get lots of personal attention to keep them happy..

Dogs playing in yard

Plenty time to make new friends.


Tinto Kennels is really special. Heather looks after the animals beautifully. When we arrive, our dog, Jamie, bounds out of the car and rushes up to the gate demanding to be let in – he knows he’s going to have a great time playing with the other dogs.

There’s only one downside – your dog may simply not want to come home at the end of his stay.

All the money from the kennels is ploughed back into Heather’s rescue work. She has rescue horses, cats, rats, dogs, ducks and hens. Jamie is one of the many dogs Heather has rescued over the years. The rescue animals are treated just as well as the boarders. Nor will she ever part with an animal till she is sure that it is going to a good caring home.

Peter Stevenson, Chief Policy Advisor
Compassion in World Farming

I have known Heather as a client and friend over the last 25 years.I have been impressed in all this time with her dedication, care, compassion and professionalism in dealing with animals in her care and her total commitment to animal welfare in general. Many is the nervous or anxious boarder or rescue case who finds a quiet corner in her house for extra tlc. That is why people keep coming back with their pets (including our own) again and again.

I can thoroughly recommend TINTO KENNELS as a friendly, caring,well supervised environment for your pet during your absence where everything is organised around animal, rather than human considerations.

Les Clerihew (Veterinary Surgeon,retired.)

Our dogs have been having “holidays” at Tinto Kennels for many years now. It is obvious that they have been very happy because each new visit is greeted with rapture. They trot off with Heather without a backward glance to us.

We have complete confidence that they are well looked after and should there be any, even slight, cause for concern that Heather will take appropriate action. She seems to have a great understanding of animals and they respond.

Lady Cullen, Edinburgh

We wouldn’t like to take our GSD anywhere else. Heather understands animals, so when you collect your pet it will be in good condition physically and mentally. We have used Tinto Kennels many times over the years and can vouch for the care given to every animal. When we put our dog into Tinto kennels we can go on holiday with no worries.

R.Reid, Lanark

I have used Tinto Kennels for fifteen years. In that time I have moved house five times but regardless of the distance, I have always put my animals into Tinto. I know that they will be well cared for and I don’t have to worry about them at all when I am away.

I had a Labrador that had had a previous bad experience in kennels but after a couple of visits to Heather, would go willingly to stay with her. It really is a holiday for the animals.

My cat has to be forcibly removed from the heated bed to be taken home! He is a rotten traveller and it takes 45 minutes to get to Heather’s but it is worth it because as soon as he gets there, he makes himself at home and is totally contented. Once I had to use another kennels and my cat came back a quivering wreck – now I book well in advance when I can!

I wholeheartedly recommend Tinto Kennels.

Andrea Morton

I am very pleased to give my comments on Tinto Kennels. The
kennels are run by Heather Petrie whose care of the animals is second to none. From Heather, besides the care they receive, they receive genuine affection. She has always and will continue to not only run her kennels but make this world a better place for animals.

Kay Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton

Over many years when it has become necessary, I have boarded my cats and dogs with Tinto Kennels. I am very particular about whom I leave my four-legged “friends” with but have no hesitation in doing so with Tinto Kennels. A more kinder, caring and dedicated person than Heather it would be difficult to find and the care and attention she lavishes on all her ‘guests’, all of whom she treats as individuals, is fantastic.

I would recommend Heather and Tinto Kennels to anyone who cares about their animals and their best interests.

Les Ward MBE, International Affairs Director, Animals’ Angels

Tinto Kennels were recommended to me by my vet in Edinburgh when I got my very boisterous Parson's terrier, Dave. I leave Dave with Heather knowing he will be well cared for, not just fed and exercised but also allowed to play which is important for his well-being. Dave loves going to the kennels and drags me in through the front gate (something I have never experienced with a dog and kennels before). I can thoroughly recommend Tinto Kennels, there are other kennels nearer where I live but Tinto are definately worth the extra drive.

Mandy Charters, Edinburgh

This satisfied customer can only say that while I expected Bonnie and Charlie ( Min schnauzers ) to at least put up the appearance of being unwilling to go into kennels so that we could worry about them while we were on holiday; in fact they would be straining on the leads to get into Tinto Kennels. We smiled to see this, and went off guilt free.

Steve Ryan, Edinburgh

Barney stays with Heather at Tinto several times each year. This has been a hugely positive experience both for him and for me on every single occasion for the last nine years, including his longest stay of six weeks. He regards Heather as a special friend, and has absolute trust in her. He squeaks with excitement in the car as we approach, runs through the gate ahead of her, and when I collect him he looks and behaves as if he has had an especially good holiday. Heather's 'individual care' includes not only attention to food, bed, grooming and exercise, but also her skill in making up mutually compatible play-groups, and her warm responsiveness to the dog's particular character and abilities. All this adds up to a lot of peace of mind for the owner as well!

Judith Brearley, Edinburgh