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Jill's experience in kennels was a traumatising one.


Jill enjoyed looking after the rescue animals.


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How Tinto Kennels began

Heather and some of the guestsOnce upon a time, long, long ago, I put my dog into boarding kennels---my beloved Jill, a wonderful mongrel of such obscure parentage and pedigree it was impossible to guess the ingredients that made her.

I was young, and had no experience of boarding kennels, but it was an emergency so I left her in a busy kennels with a good reputation, fully expecting to miss her a lot more than she would miss me, because she was a happy, gregarious young dog, who loved life and everything in it. She was only there for three days but when she came out she was so traumatised it took her weeks to recover. I vowed she would never set foot in kennels again, and we were never apart for the rest of her life, but a seed was sown.

Making a dream a reality

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to open a small, personal kennels where people who really cared about their pets could leave them, knowing they were safe and happy? Six years later in 1986 the dream became reality and I opened Tinto Kennels.

Jill died aged 15 in 1992, but her legacy lives on. There is a drawing of Jill on the Tinto Kennels logo, stationery and the sign at the entrance welcoming visitors in. Every dog and cat who comes in past that sign is treated with the love, respect and personal care that I wish Jill had all those years ago.

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